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SimpleMonitoringCamera5 Trial


This is a simple video recording camera app.You can use this app as a surveillance camera or the drive recorder.Android 5.0 or higher only.
# Please note.This app is the specification to record as it is being displayed on the screen.Notifications, status bar of operations, They will be recorded in the video.
Functions:- Resolution : 1280x720 or 1280x800 or 1920x1080Depending on the model, may not be recorded when change the resolution.- Video quality : "Normal(Low)" or "Fine(High)"- Advanced quality settingsCan change video frame rate, video bit rate, audio bit rate, the number of channels of audio, scene mode, and white balance.However, might it is not reflected correctly depending on the model.- Save location : "Internal storage" or "SD Card" or "Select any folder"Might not be able to select a save location depending on the model.- Maximum duration of videoAfter the recording start, stop recording automatically when the elapse of the maximum duration of video.- Resume video recording after max durationAfter recording stopped automatically with the passage of a maximum duration, it automatically resumes recording.- Automatically delete from the old video filesIf the free space of the save location is equal to or less than 1%, it will automatically deleted from the old video files.Stop the recording automatically if it has not been set.
# If you intend to use while charging, please note the rise in temperature of the body.# In addition, a long period of time of the recording might shorten the life of the terminal.
About permissions:- modify or delete the contents of your USB storage : Save video files- prevent device from sleeping : During the use of this app, suppress the sleep of terminal.- take pictures and videos : Used in camera- record audio : Used in camera
# Do not use the voyeur and the like.# For any trouble, loss, damage caused by the use of this application, the author does not take any responsibility.